Aims for 2018

A successful year was had by TUSP in 2017, but there remains a huge amount of work and effort for the
upcoming year and beyond.

Having established a solid infrastructure at the school, it has become apparent that the education standards at
Bumakenya are significantly lower than what is an already low average. We knew this would not be an
overnight fix, but a core aim of ours is this year is to put foundations in place for raising these levels
significantly. To do so will require a huge amount of additional training for the teachers, who need guidance,
motivation and empowerment to be able to inspire a thirst for education in the pupils.

We also want to create a supportive and creative learning environment that is conducive to improved emotional
wellbeing of the children. Grace is currently involved with having the pupils paint the inside of the classrooms
in designs and ideas chosen by them, and will be working to ensure their basic needs are catered for.
Key non-educational processes also need to be established, e.g the management of government funds, to ensure
a smooth running of the school and to create engagement and trust with the community. We have a new
Headteacher coming in at the start of the academic year (Feb 2018) and we’ll be working closely to make sure
these are established early on.
Finally, given the growing popularity of the school in the community, we will be looking to construct a final
two classrooms at the school. This is dependent on the purchasing of the necessary land by the community, the
idea being that shared ownership and responsibility will lead to greater sense of collaboration and partnership.