Child participation is very important in any child-centred environment and this is something we’ve been working to integrate into school process since April 207. We want the children to be part of any active decision making that goes on at the school, most notably around school rules, methods of discipline and consequence, and extra-curricular activities.

Your donations enabled us to employ a Ugandan education specialist (Nov 2017) who thoroughly assessed all processes at the school with special emphasis on child-wellbeing systems. A comprehensive report highlighting a need for improved school procedures, teaching methods along with teacher training specification is currently being implemented by the new headmistress at Bumakenya.

TUSP have formed a relationship has been formed with Save the Children (Kampala) who are supporting us to provide a Child Protection Plan and safeguarding procedure trainings to staff which we intend to have in place by March 2018. As a way to kick start child participation at Bumakenya, a painting project took place during the school holidays, Jan 2018. Largely child-led, with support from teachers and volunteers Grace Robinson and Ed Garland, educationally relevant images were painted onto the walls of the classrooms by the pupils.

The intention of the project was to provide a new experience for the children, many having never painted before, which we hope encouraged them to take control and have influence over their learning environment. Informative and colourful material now cover the walls which we believe is conducive to learning and hope will inspire the children to take pride in their classrooms. The school altogether looks brighter, feels livelier and more personal to the people who use it.  

Thank you to everyone who donated money to the painting project!