Some of the most important work that needs to be done in rural Uganda is setting up basic educational facilities and infrastructure. Supporting communities through building schools lays a foundation that we hope allows these communities to prosper self-sufficiently . We believe that education is the cornerstone to any society and that children need a quality education to realise their enormous potential.

Bumakenya Primary School

To date, we now have 4 fully functioning classrooms built at the school, which have been temporarily divided into two rooms each to accommodate all year groups. Our aim is for 2 additional classrooms to be completed by the end of 2019 to accommodate the growing popularity of the school. 5 pit latrines (basic long drop toilets) have been built for the use of pupils, teachers and the wider community. This is crucial in prevent water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera and diphtheria, all of which are susceptible to outbreaks in this region. Free school lunches are provided to every pupil, every day. The children are asked to bring firewood from home
as their contribution, and whilst the lunch is modest (porridge with added milk and nuts for nutrition), the effect this has on concentration levels and morale is considerable.

Safe Spring Water Project

In late 2017, we discovered a water spring nearby to the school. Having being examining options all year on how to bring drinkable water to the school, none of which were looking very feasible, this was a most welcome and miraculous discovery.
Thanks to Nacho, a Spanish volunteer with a strong background in water hygiene, we have been able to bring 150 litres of mineral rich, clean drinking water to the school per hour, whilst leaving 100 litres per hour at the source of the spring for the local community. This project was completed from start to finish in approximately 2 months and with minimum fuss, and provides the lifeblood to the school and future projects.

Teacher Training

Working with our partnership organisation, Africa Educational Trust, we will implementing bespoke teacher training package to train and mentor the teachers and school leaders at Bumakenya Primary School. This will start with a general training for all teachers on learner-centred teaching methods and then tailor additional training to teacher progress and priority needs. Trainings will include a combination of workshops and observations of teaching practice. Training can include:

  • Use of local language teaching (P1 – P3) and transition to English (P4)

  • How to create teaching and learning materials from local/low-cost materials and use them in class

  • Handling large class sizes (e.g. use of group work and talk for learning)

  • How to cater for both fast and slow learners)

  • Promoting dedicated reading time and literacy across subjects

  • Peer mentoring and coaching

  • Peer marking and feedback

  • Lesson plans and schemes of work

  • Growth mindsets

Donation goals for 2018, 2019 and beyond.

2 x additional classrooms - £7,000

The growing population at the school means that despite the construction of 2 classrooms, and the installation of classroom dividers to create more space, we are low on room! Based on the previous constructions, we anticipate this to cost £7000 for a pair of classrooms.

Teacher Training Program - £3,530

As detailed above, we would like to bring in a partner organisation with a specialist in education to implement and monitor a Teacher Training Program to improve educational standards at the school.

School Lunch Programme - £1,300

The lunch programme is going strong but continues to require funding, especially with the increasing population at the school. This provides a meal of maize-based porridge, supplemented with ground nuts and milk for additional nutrition. We have also introduced a basic lunch for teachers.