Some of the most important work that needs to be done in developing communities is setting up basic infrastructure. Helping communities through building lays a foundation that will allow locals to be independent. Children with early learning opportunities stay longer in school, perform better than their peers and have better results.

Bumakenya Primary School

To date, we now have 4 fully functioning classrooms built at the school, which have been temporarily divided into two rooms each to accommodate all year groups. Our aim is for 2 additional classrooms to be completed by the end of 2018 to accommodate the growing popularity of the school. 5 pit latrines (basic long drop toilets) have been built, for the use of pupils, teachers and the wider community. This is crucial in prevent water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera and diphtheria, all of which are susceptible to outbreaks in this region. Free school lunches are provided to every pupil, every day. The children are asked to bring firewood from home
as their contribution, a system which has faced challenges (!!) but which is now being adhered to more consistently. Whilst the lunch is modest (porridge with added milk and nuts for nutrition), the effect this has on concentration levels and morale is really noticeable.

Safe Spring Water Project

Towards the end of the year we discovered a water spring nearby to the school. Having being examining options all year on how to bring drinkable water to the school, none of which were looking very feasible, this was a most welcome and miraculous discovery!
Thanks to Nacho, a Spanish volunteer with a strong background in water hygiene, we have been able to bring150 litres of mineral rich, clean drinking water to the school per hour, whilst leaving 100 litres per hour at the source of the spring for the local community. This project was completed from start to finish in approximately 2 months and with minimum fuss, which in these often-testing environments is a fantastic achievement, and one that provides the lifeblood to the school and future projects.