Physical Rehabilitation and Additional Support

In our time in the area, it’s come to light that many of the local children have physical and mental disabilities, and there’s also a disproportionately large concentration of people with albinism. What started as a sign language class for the deaf community at the school has evolved into a Special Needs class, which as well as providing the tools needed for deaf children to communicate with themselves and others, also allows others to get out of isolated home environments and interact with fellow pupils and teachers.

Grace has been working with the albino community to create advocacy and awareness for those with albinism, and has created a partnership between TUSP and Asante Miriamu, helping in their cause to become a government recognised organisation. Together in December we provided 36 skin cancer and eye screenings in our local village, providing specialised prescription glasses for those in need of them.

The tireless Jessie has also lent her expertise and experience to spearhead a physiotherapy and rehabilitation outreach programme, whereby every two weeks herself and Robert, a trained physio at the local Butiru Cheshire Home, host a day in the village where anyone can come for assessment and treatment. Robert is well positioned to carry on these efforts in the coming year, and we hope to have Jessie back soon!

Donation Goals for 2018

Medical Aid - £1,000
This year we will continue with the biannual medical screening of the local community of
people with albinism. This involves bringing approx. 40 people to Bumbo Health Centre to
provide testing for skin cancer and eye testing, provision of protective clothing, and creams
and ointments for skin.
We will also continue to support a fortnightly rehabilitation clinic at the school, which brings
a physio and assistant to offer treatment for the physically disabled in the community.