Here's an overview of some of our key projects:


Education and Community infrastructure

Some of the most important work that needs to be done in developing communities is setting up basic infrastructure. Helping communities through building lays a foundation that will allow locals to be independent. Children with early learning opportunities stay longer in school, perform better than their peers and have better results.

Medical aid

There are 39 million blind people in the world, but 80% of blindness can be cured or prevented. We want to eliminate curable blindness, and provide support for people who are irreversibly blind or otherwise disabled. Cataracts is a big problem in Uganda, and for less than $70 USD per patient, we can give a citizen his or her sight (and life) back.


Microfinance is a type of banking service that is provided to unemployed or low-income individuals, or groups who otherwise have no other access to financial services. Ultimately, the goal of microfinance is to provide a platform for the local community to become self-sufficient by providing a way to save money collectively, borrow money from each other and get insurance.


In April 2017 Grace, Jessie and Birgitta organised for 48 people with albinism to receive eye screenings at Bumbo Health Centre along with albinism awareness, specialist glasses and protective sun hats.