Founded in 2016, we at The Uganda School Project set out to support educational development in Uganda. The aim is simple; find schools that are most in need and, in collaboration with the local community, provide proper infrastructure to allow the community to prosper self sufficiently.


The Uganda School Project was set up in 2016 by a group of friends, with the aim of supporting struggling schools in Uganda. During our first year we supported Bumakenya Primary School, in Manafwa, Eastern Uganda. We established an infrastructure at the school, which included the installation of clean water source, 5 new classrooms, new teachers, sports programmes, health screening for the community, free lunch for the pupils and for the first time, clean and safe latrines.

Makenya is set in one of the most breath-taking areas in Uganda, but was really suffering from government and community neglect. We have also lobbied the local education authorities, who have committed to building a further 2 classrooms, and have mobilised the community to maintain this progress. What began as a project for a few friends in London has now grown to change the lives and the futures of young children in Uganda.

We are proud to say we left the school in fantastic shape in 2016 and look forward to returning to see the many new friends we have now made. The community are becoming more self-sufficient every day, taking a huge amount of pride in their school. This gives us confidence we can expand The Uganda School Project’s influence in other areas moving forward.

What We've Achieved

  • 5 classrooms
  • 5 Latrines

  • Introduced school lunches

  • Started a piggery as an income generating scheme to subsidise the lunch programme

  • Introduced sign language for the deaf community
  • Provided access to safe drinking water

  • Medical screening campaign for the whole community